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Wills and probate

Many people postpone writing a will as they believe it to be expensive. However, it is not as expensive as you may believe. In fact, other will writing services available can often be more expensive. Before you make your will, it is always recommended you contact a solicitor for a quotation.


It is becoming increasingly popular for people to make their own wills, but it is worth remembering that making even a small mistake could render the will invalid.

To ensure everything you have worked for is left to loved ones and settled efficiently, we can prepare a professional will suited to your own particular needs.

How Swaby Clarke & Norris Solicitors can help

The National Will Register

Even if a person has died leaving a valid will, it is sometimes necessary to obtain a Grant of Probate (most frequently where very valuable assets are involved like a house or interest in land) in order to obtain proof from the court that the will was valid in all respects.


If someone has died without making a will then it is usually necessary to apply to the Probate Court for a Grant of Letters of Administration since no one would have any authority to deal with the estate without a Grant where there is no will.


We can help you apply for a Grant, thus allowing you to administer an estate. Please click here to contact our office for more information.

Probate and administering estates

In order to make the process faster for you, we have provided explanatory notes for you download and forms for you to complete before visiting our offices. These can be found by clicking here.

Additional information

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